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21st July 2014


I’ve done everything I can to hold it together. I just want to know what going through your head. If things fall about it will be the most painful thing I’ll have to deal with but I just want you to be okay and to be happy.

21st July 2014


My dad opened the door a sliver when my girlfriend and I were hooking up, with her pants off, and now she is beyond upset I feel terrible and I have no idea what to fucking do.

13th July 2014

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8th July 2014

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when you want to talk to someone but you’re like i don’t want to annoy you .. that shit will drive you nuts . 

8th July 2014

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8th July 2014


I find it quite sad that you can view someone so differently then they view themselves. When you see them they are smart, funny, beautiful and just amazing in every way but you can just tell they don’t feel the same way. In the way they dismiss your compliments, or make negative remarks about themselves. It’s remarkable how fragile a persons self esteem is and how defeated one can be after being so hard on oneself for so long.

8th July 2014


Option 1. Tell her you love her and that she all you think about risk scaring her off
Option 2. Wait… But for what

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5th July 2014


The truth of the matter is that quite frankly I’ve never hated anyone as much as I hate myself

23rd June 2014


Third date I bought my girlfriend flowers. She just told me that she dried the rose petals so she could keep them. Sweetest girl ever.

6th June 2014


Read the fault in our stars in 4 hours because the girl I’m seeing suggested it. Then I told her I wanted to take her to see the movie. If that doesn’t show her I’m into her I quit life.

4th June 2014


After only two dates I can say I am most definitely in danger of falling for this girl. When I’m with her I can’t take my eyes off her, smile like an idiot and am captivated by everything she says. I just leave my phone in the car so I can focus on her the entire time.

12th May 2014


I can’t wait for the next 8 years hell even the next 3 to play out. I have such big plans in my head and am gonna work like hell to make them happen can’t even sleep at night

9th May 2014

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This is it.

I think I know what I finally want to do. I chose pt because it was safe. I know I could make it, I would be pretty happy, but it isn’t what I want. It’s time to grow up, take a risk, and make something of myself. Every moment from now will shape me getting into medical school.

8th May 2014

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On Gisel .
Nice to meet you .
2Spirit , San Francisco .

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24th April 2014